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PO Box 1057, Manomet, MA 02345

Thought-Provoking Original Photography

Study the history of our state with the original photography from Fine Art by Gerald Parker in Manomet, Massachusetts. Gerald Parker creates a number of works, including photographs, paper cut outs, and acrylic prints.

Created in Brockton, Massachusetts, these documentary-style photos date from 1977 to the present day. The collection includes images from the streets. All of the portraits are of different people from the time period. You can purchase any print in any size.

These shots have been published and placed on exhibit throughout the country. They serve as a universal statement on the decline of the American city.

Paper Cut Outs

Add an abstract collection of shape to your décor. Gerald Parker combined cut outs onto a sheet of paper and photographed the result. These prints are available in 8" x 10" size.

The collage does not represent a specific image, but is improvisational and created by music. You are free to interpret the meaning of each work.

Acrylic Work on Paper

While enjoying jazz music, Gerald Parker made these images to express his freedom and the spontaneity of the moment. They are crafted so carefully that they look like they were painted on paper. Most paintings are available in 60" x 38" size.







Contact him to view his original photography and other works of art.